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Chrome Trim Parts
IDFR Exclusive
Chrome Badges
Crystal Accessories
Shark Fin Style, Antenna
Interior Mirror
Pedal Pats & Socket
Drink Holder & Car Compass
Gear Knob Shift & Steering Wheel Knob
Interior Car Accessories
Wheel Spacer & Lecense Frame Screw
Muffler Tail Pipe & Reflector
Door Guard & Bumper Portector
Wiper Protector & Wiper Aid
Engine Restyling
Exterior Car Accessories
Multi-Functional Cooler & Car Roof Carrier
Led Accessories & Bulb

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About ODE

  • In1985, develop Renaud in first generation of the front for the 9th to the light, Forge the indissoluble bound with the automobile trade.
  • In1987, It is all right to establish and surmount the automobile material.
    In1993,establish ODE Co., Ltd. , And develop the automobile general merchandise articles achieving brand IDFR.
  • In 1994,original creation and develop accelerating the tail pipe of stainless steel alloy.
  • In 1995,with Japan s technological cooperation - Imitating the wooden line of walnut to criticize and cover, used in the automobile articles, the sense of touch is careful , extremely good feel, lead to the fact once again that the market flows the shape is shaken
  • In 1996,it is multinational to pass Taiwan , China , U.S.A. ,etc.  the multinational to innovate to research and develop there aren t automobile the footboards 1997 Patent of the multi-functional recreation ice bucket for pass the countries , such as Taiwan , China , U.S.A. , Germany , Japan ,etc. , the innovative patent designing and rising to , Represent Europe and guide Iraq and lead the strong strength of industry again
  • In1997,set up ODE factory-  factory ,Cover an area of 5000 sq.m.
  • In1998,pass ISO9002 international quality authentication every year
  • In 1999, win the lush Great Britain s award of the consumers  association of Taiwan Province
  • In2000, win the constant change goods award of consumers  association of Taiwan Province
  • In2001 ,win the model award of labour and capital of county office
  • In 2002 ,win businessman s model award
  • In 2003, ODE the building of general headquarters of enterprises is completed
  • In 2004 , set up the   SPODE service station
  • In 2005 ,OEM of the straight factory part of Ford Motor Company cooperates with the manufacturer
  • In 2005 , OEM for Toyota Motor Company cooperates with develope Prado parts.
  • In 2006 , set up ODE the research and development central , Cover an area of 4000 sq.m.
  • In 2006 , OEM for Ford Motor Company cooperates with develope Focus parts.
  • In 2006 , OEM for Hyundai Motor Company cooperates with develope Tucson parts. 
  • In 2007 , OEM for Mazda Motor Company cooperates with develope M3, M5, M6, Tribute parts.

            ODE AUTO PARTS Co., Ltd.
No 252. Changlu Road. Xiushui shiang. Changhua County. 504 Taiwan  
Tel:+886-4-7686088  Fax:+886-4-7699198